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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is less than one year away now, and we all see the domination of young talents in the game all over the world. So we decided to name some young football players to watch next Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Choosing the top young talents from a vast number of young guns is not an easy task. After taking a look at hundreds of players at the moment 25 or maybe younger, we slice the record to merely those players who definitely are now 23 or youthful, hoping to make a list from the top players on the planet who will probably be under 25 if your World Cup begins.

There will be most new faces in European countries, especially England. By the next World Cup finals, Steven Gerrard will be 34, Scott Parker nearly 34, John Terry and Ashley Cole 33 and a half and Frank Lampard will be 36. While at Brazil 2014, the host nation is already a symbol of young talent based football team and proving them all over the world.

Also there are many more young football players in the world, from Beglium’s Eden Hazard to Italy’s Mario Balotelli and Stephan El Shaarawy are only some real talents to name. The young talents to watch in Brazil 2014 are from the host side, Neymar and Oscar to Toni Kroos, Mario Gotze and Thomas Muller of Germany.

England’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere are some young name which might be shown in next World Cup.

As young players are the key machine of future and the teams future widely depends on them, in the Brazil 2014 these are some talented young players to watch in world cup.

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