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Fastest soccer players in the world todayThe modern football has changed a lot from the way it was in the past. But the speed in the field was essential before as it is today. Soccer is fully a physical game where the attribution of speed and quickness is the most important part of the success of a team success and to score goals

When I watch a soccer match, I always wonder who could be the fastest soccer player in modern era? May be you also like to wonder who is the fastest soccer player?

After a good research, I gathered a list of fastest soccer players at present who not only have the power of running fast but also to make a very good contribution for their team. They are fast in dribbling, passing, making an impact etc.

Here are the top 5 fastest soccer players in the world today. I tried to provide the names who have both sprinting ability, acceleration and speed with the ball.

5. Robin Van Persie – (32.1 km/hour)

The best striker reveled in 2012, coming from Holland currently playing for Manchester United in English Premier League. His Ability to dribbling ball is enough to make the enemy defense line confused when closing his movements. His appearance has already made an effective impact on the performance of Man Utd. They are now at the top of EPL point list.

4 – Wayne Rooney – (32.6 km/hour)

Anothe Manchester United striker who is really known for his fpeed and power with the ball. His speed when dribbling the ball was shown in his first match and goal as a striker with English national soccer team. Rooney is well known for his powerful shooting ability and he is also one of the fastest soccer player out there.

3 – Theo Walcott – (32.8 km/hour)

He is actually the furius player of Arsenal and fans always have a question that, where would Theo Walcott be without his pace? Walcott’s pace is frightening at times and you wonder what an incredible player he could be if he was just able to develop some consistency with his end product. Though Walcott is trying to develop some other parts of his game in recent seasons.

2 – Arjen Robben – (32.9 km/hour)

Just like Walcott, it really is without any surprising which Robben is actually in this list. One more vintage winger, he could be by far the very greatest with conquering his man, after which offering the right ball or shot. This man could easily get in to any team on the planet, then there is not just a opponent on the planet who’d desire to fall into line in opposition to him!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (33.6 – km/hour)

It is so predictable as the fastest soccer player in the world would be Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid winger has the power to dribble the ball with a speed of 33.6 km/hour! Some critics mentioned him as the best soccer player in the world. He is well known for his shooting skills, his heading skills, and his dribbling speed.

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